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We grow, preservate, process and store herbs, vegetables and sea vegetables. We do this in the Punjab and Himalya in INDIA. Depending on your needs, we air dry herbs for you. In the area of product innovation and quality management, we are the best you can get.

Knowledge, experience, quality and reliability, are making AHP a world-class player. AHP is more than herb drying. AHP provides solutions.

You can always request sample bags with us. One phonecall will do: +91 9888004303


For over 60 years we are at home in herbs. We cultivate, preserve, import and store any kind of herbs you can imagine. Aromatic herbs, intended for the food industry. Medicinal herbs, for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to our quality and experience, we are a leader in the production of herbs. In the North of India we are located near the Himalya. Our headquarter and State-of-the-art production facility equipped with the most efficient and innovative production- and cleaning production lines. Here we take care for the processing and the storage of herbs. We can serve our customers on-call and deliver the requested quantity quickly and in a guaranteed quality.